We are trying to build a poorly made bottom up anti-Metaverse, where users can be not-sad, or at least not exploited, by design.

We are trying to reserve a little space on Web3 where creative workers and artists can express their joys and pains, where visitors can get lost, where the subconscious of this primitive digital age can be freely brought to light, as in the Lascaux caves back in the days

We are trying to build something poor. Until our graphic cards don't need to support avatars with 3d wearables, stores with storefronts, trees with tree leaves, sandwiches or any other sellable crap, we ain’t also going to need to open our doors to JP Morgan and such to support the .world.

We are trying to not lead artists into endless Ponzi schemes or in situations where you no longer understand whether you are happily drawing something nice or you are becoming a stressed accountant of your own miserable finances.

We are trying to draw a new model, where there are no rankings, drops and fomo, where even minor artists are supported, where institutions are called upon to give and artists to receive, and not the other way around.

We are trying to support the .world ecology, while not burdening on the World ecology. We are trying to sustain an affordable alt-economy, with gas fees near to zero.

We are trying to start from something simple, that can simply grow over time, pixel by pixel, room by room, as people are joining, drawing, voting, and literally building the thing together: the .world is what you make of it.

We are trying. This is an experiment, so please be kind and reach up to @discord if you feel like you could do better.

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