All you need to know
about the .world

Quick start

Wallet setup

  1. Install browser extension wallet, we do recommend Metamask!
  2. Go to and click CONNECT
  3. Metamask will ask you to connect your wallet with the (this is the equivalent of an account creation).
  4. Metamask will ask you to authenticate your wallet (this is the equivalent of an account log in).

Buying a ROOM coming soon

  1. Get some Matic on a cryptocurrency exchange, we do recommend Coinbase!
  2. Send those Matic to your browser wallet.
  3. Go to Opensea and buy a ROOM.
  4. Go to and start EDITing your ROOM!

Editing a ROOM

  1. Go to your ROOM list and GOTO the ROOM you want to draw
  2. Click EDIT and draw!
  3. When you're done, you can save your draft by clicking SAVE
  4. Click SUBMIT and the drawing will soon be reviewed and published by the ROOM keeper

General setup

What do I need to explore the .world?

The .world is available in all browsers.

Do I need a wallet to explore the .world?

No you don't. You are free to lurk anonymously and undisturbed.

Can I explore the .world using my mobile device?

Yes! You can browse the .world on a mobile device, but you cannot play, edit and save your ROOM, buy, sell or do any other things besides exploring it.

How can I interact with the .world?

To play, edit and save your ROOM, buy, sell or do any other things besides exploring the .world, you need a PC or a Mac running Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. You also need to log into a browser extension wallet supporting the Polygon network. We do recommend the MetaMask wallet.

Can I log in from multiple computers?

Yes, no problem. This is no Netflix. Log the shit out of every possible device you please.

How to play

How do I move around the .world? Are avatars involved?

No avatar involved, no skins, no 3d wearables of any sort. You are a mere humble POV, freely moving in the .world. Other users are invisible to your eye, but you can experience their vocal presence on the superinternetworld Discord channel, by using voice channels, namely FEELING ALONE… while in the LOBBY, while drawing, or while lurking.

How can I interact with other users?

In the voice channels and discord chats of the superinternetworld Discord channel, meeting in real life can also be good for health sometimes.

How can I buy a ROOM? coming soon

You will be able to buy ROOMs as soon as the 4th ring is reached.

How can I draw inside the .world?

You can draw by editing the ROOM you keep or that were landed to you by someone that PLUSONED you. Beside this, drawing is very easy. You can click the EDIT button in the top left of your ROOM area and all the tools you need will appear on your browser window.

How can I block or report offensive content?

You are invited to report illegal, offensive or traumatizing draws in the #burn🔥 thread on the superinternetworld Discord channel. After a significant number of reports, the six founding members will vote by majority whether to burn the reported ROOM.
It is not about free speech. You are free of speaking. We will not Zucc you. But we will try to maintain homeostasis. Please take in consideration that the Superinternet Foundation has to process legitimate requests to take down illegal public content within the platform.

I cannot PLUSONE, SAVE or PUBLISH my ROOM, what is happening? ヽ༼ຈʖ̯ຈ༽ノ Help!

You may need to reset your MetaMask account as a result of a transaction that was left hanging and never completed. Please follow these steps on the official MetaMask guide.

I need support! Where can I contact you?

Join the superinternetworld Discord channel and visit our HELP! threads to ask whatever questions you have. We’ll answer as soon as possible. Our friendly community members can help too.

Crypto existential matters

I don't want to do crypto stuff but I like to draw and I want to earn my well deserved bread. Is this the right place to be?

Yes! The .world was designed to make this possibile. By joining the SuperRecidency or the FakeDAO programs you will be able to get your bread without being involved into crypto transactions. The galleries or curators that will be soon involved in the project are also encouraged to PLUSONE their artists and creators, so that they can take care of the buying and selling part. Keep in mind that, if you learn to use crypto, you will be able to do everything yourself and be truly free.

Does the .world has its own blockchain and currency?

No. The currency of the .world is the MATIC token, staked on the Polygon blockchain. You must have sufficient MATIC in your wallet to make any kind of action and transaction in the .world. Fortunately gas fees on Polygon are very very low.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is “a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks”. At the moment Polygon is one of the most secure Proof of Stake chains, thus one of the most environmentally friendly chains, that are at the same time able to guarantee very low gas fees. For more infos please go to the official Polygon website .

What is a ROOM?

A ROOM is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in a Polygon smart contract. Each ROOM token includes a record of its coordinates, its current keeper, and a reference to a content description file that represents the ROOM current edit on its cubemap. When PUBLISHED each ROOM draft will be updated on the .world platform and on the Opensea market, and the appearance of the NFT will mutate forever.
TL;DR: A ROOM is a mutable NFT.

Why are the ROOMs scarce?

Without ROOM scarcity, many spaces would likely be left abandoned or would be conquered by bloodthirsty bots, the Superinternet Foundation would hopelessly waste and squander its resources in maintaining excessive and unnecessary server space, more energy and water would be wasted for another digital useless project, our life would become hell on earth. Beside that the answer is that we want those creators to “get some bread”.

Does the .world run on top of its own blockchain?

The .world uses the Polygon blockchain to store and verify information about ROOM ownership and ROOM plusoning statuses. It does not run on its own independent blockchain. Content within the .world is hosted and served to users via IPFS, and cached through a CDN to improve user experience.

I lost my digital wallet! What will happen to my ROOM?

If you lose access to your wallet you will lose your ROOM. We are truly sorry if this happened already. In this case it may be helpful to remember that “joy comes not through possession or ownership but through a wise and loving heart” but also, whether there will ever be a next time, please remember to always keep your wallet recovery passphrase in a safe and secure location.

Why is my browser wallet (Metamask) asking me for a signature request?

We use the wallet to authenticate you into the .world, in order to sync our servers to the blockchain, to handle features like DRAFTS, PUBLISH, PLUSONE and MINUSONE.

What does “keeping” a ROOM mean and how does it work?

Each ROOM within the .world is represented by a non-fungible ROOM token that tracks its ownership on the Polygon blockchain.
Keeping a ROOM in the .world may be similar to owning any other unique, crypto asset like CryptoKitties or CryptoPunks, however you will be able to use your ROOM to paint your personal digital garden, and even if the actual capitalist society requires us to regard these ROOMs as commodities, in order for this project to be maintained and prosper, you are also invited to consider it an intimate, and constantly shifting personal space.
If, on the other hand, you are really down to invest like there is no tomorrow, you will be glad to know that each ROOM is built on top of the ERC721 standard, making it a digital asset that can be traded with other users, like other digital assets. Yolo your way through the top.

How to get more involved

Can I monetize my content?

Yes, this is one of the main reasons to join the project, not the only one but, let’s be honest, the one that brought you here in the first place. We live in a society. You can monetize your content by selling your edited ROOMs on Opensea, or by joining the SuperResidency or Eco-dao program and sharing your profits with the Superinternet Foundation.

How can I be invited to the SuperResidence program?

You can present your candidature stating your name, a link, and a social media handle (if you want) on the #apply🎨 thread on the superinternetworld Discord channel. An old dear .pdf portfolio is also welcome if you didn’t have the time to curate your digital self. We feel you.

How can I win a ROOM? coming soon

By following the .world's social media channels and by joining the superinternetworld Discord channel and by joining the future whitelist contests that will be announced in the .world’s social media channels and on the superinternetworld Discord channel as winners will be randomly picked among the community that joined .world’s social media channels and the superinternetworld Discord channel.

How can I invite a PLUSONE guest? coming soon

You can invite your plusone guest through the .world interface. Once logged with Metamask, click on the :) button and then on the PLUSONE button. A wallet transaction will pop up on your Metamask wallet. At this point you need to insert the MATIC wallet address of your plusone guest and confirm the transaction.

How can I join the eco-dao election? coming soon

More instructions will be available as soon as RING 10 is reached.

Let's get this cube dirty together.